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EFEA 2019 key topic:

«Events of the New Renaissance: human capital is our future?»
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Sergey Bednov
Director General Expocentre AO Chairman of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation
Sergey Alexeev
RUEF president, UFI vice-president, vice-president of ExpoForum Int
Jochen Witt
President & CEO, jwc gmbh (Cologne, Germany)
Еkaterina Koliada
Member of the Supervisory Board of the Association of communications and corporate media Directors of Russia
Petrukhnova Kristina
Limited liability company «Information support center «Aspekt», Director
Talisman Valery
Artificial Intelligence Development Agency, Chief innovation officer
Lidia Borisova
Guest lecturer, design thinking consultant, freelance service designer, UX designer Sopia; Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)
Andrey Gusakov
Marketing Coordinator DATAFORUM LLC (St. Petesburg, Russia)
Oksana Salikhova
CEO Vein Technologies
Valeriy Romatskiy
Psychotherapist, MD, PhD Studio psychotherapy Dr. Romatskiy
Nick Dugdale - Moore
Business Development Manager UFI The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry
Maria Kuzmitkaia
Business consultant
Anton Curzanov
Taste Lab Group, owner
Sergey Shogurov
General Director JCS VDNH
Igor Scherbakov
Rally Coordinator St.Petersburg Harley Days
Lidia Smolova
Associate Professor, Ph.D. (psychology) St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work
Andrey Zhukovsky
Member of the Presidium and Chairman of the Marketing and Research Committee of the Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs, Member of the interdepartmental congress and exhibitions working group оf the Russian Export Center, General manager of RussСom IT Systems, Board Director «Event BK Rus». EventBank
Alexey Kalachev
Director of the Russian Convention Bureau (RCB)
Nikolay Volosyankov
OB1, CryptoEvent, Founder
Anton Khramtcov
CEO «Saint-Petersburg handmade festival», «Fiesta Media»
Alexander Chernov
Business trainer, consultant Business school IMISP
Игорь Кирсанов
Igor Kirsanov
General Director of RESEC Exhibition Company
Таисия Селедкова
Taisiya Seledkova
Area Marketing and communication director - OC PAROC
Екатерина Москвина
Ekaterina Moskvina
Deputy General director GEFEST PROJECTION
Алевтина Болгова
Alevtina Bolgova
Director of the Festival St.Petersburg Harley Days
Ирина Кудерова
Irina Kuderova
CEO Sport Leaders
Александр Круглик
Alexander Kruglik
General Director
Елена Ублиева
Elena Ublieva
Executive director Russian Union Exhibitions and Fairs
PR Director ExpoForum International Ltd
Сергей Воронков
Sergey Voronkov
CEO Expoforum International LTD
Роман Будников
Roman Budnikov
Вroadcaster on the Perviy channel
Алина Баринова
Alina Barinova
CEO ProfCom - Professional Community of CSR experts (Moscow, Russia)
Елена Дюкарева
Elena Dyukareva
Union “Leningrad Region Chamber of Commerce and Industry”
Шамиль Хусаинов
Shamil Khussainov
Executive producer
Synergy Business School
Вадим Субботин
Vadim Subbotin
Deputy Director General
World Trade Center Moscow
Кирилл Дворецкий
Kirill Dvoretskiy
Deputy CEO for Operations
Expoforum International ltd.
Дэвид Хинд
David Hind
London Metropolitan University
Артур Антонян
Артур Антонян
Первый заместитель Генерального директора
Guy Bigwood
Guy Bigwood
Managing Director: Global Destinations Sustainability Index
Our participants are professionals and know a lot, вut sometimes just one phrase heard at the Forum is enough to find an answer to a long-awaited answer
Key topic 2019: "Events of the New Renaissance: human capital is our future?"
The EFEA Forum welcome day traditionally gets underway with life and business management workshops organized by Russian and foreign business coaches.
10.00-18.00 Registration for EFEA 2019 Business Day, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall
09.30-10.00 Welcome coffee, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall


Design Thinking as a Trend. Design Your Life

Lidia Borisova, Design Thinking Consultant, Service Designer, UX Designer, Sopia, Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland)

Design thinking is a new way of thinking that works for different areas of life: from the search for innovative business ideas to developing one’s own career path. In business, the method facilitates the accurate determination of a client’s needs and a corresponding unique design solution. In personal life, it is a way to overcome ineffectual linear planning and development trajectories in favour of ‘prototyping’ alternative demo versions of one’s self. Design thinking is based on the application of designer algorithms and design tools to a wide range of tasks and therefore ultimately refers to creative innovation. The versatility, relative simplicity, and efficiency of the approach have led to its being actively employed in resolving tasks of various scale and content across different sectors and industries.

The session will include theoretical and practical sections. The lecture will be devoted to describing the design thinking method within a theoretical framework. During the training portion of the session, participants will be invited to design their own personal and/or professional development paths. Workshop participants will themselves become designers. By employing the design thinking method, participants will be given the opportunity to master the creative process, something previously relegated to the artistic community alone.

11.30-12.00 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall

Educational seminar

How Can You Become a Certified Events Industry Specialist on the International Level?
Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Programme

Professor David Hind, MPI (London, UK)

The meeting industry professional certification programme was launched in 1985. Since its inception, more than 13,000 specialists from 35 countries (both organizers and service providers) have received diplomas. Candidates for certification must possess three years of industry experience, full employment during this period, and must have accumulated a minimum number of CMP points (as part of specialized CMP conferences and workshops) depending on their activity and education. Certification includes a fee and an exam. Specialists receiving CMP status must undergo repeat validation every five years.

13.00-13.30 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall


Visual Personality Diagnostics in Company Recruitment and Management

Kristina Petrukhnova, Director, Aspekt Information Support Centre (Moscow, Russia)

Would you like to learn to read a person like an open book? To achieve great results in your negotiations? To manage people in accordance with their individual personalities and thereby contribute to the achievement of your goals? Then this workshop is for you!

In this workshop:

  • we consider personalities and how they are created, different personality types, and behavioural manifestations thereof;
  • we analyse techniques for determining other people’s personality types;
  • we learn to understand other people’s motives and use them to achieve effective communication.
15.00-15.30 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall

Pitch session

Associations in the Event Industry. Competition or Cooperation?

According to the R&C Research and Development Centre, there are about 20 global international meeting industry associations in the international market. These associations bring together participants of the event industry market from all over the world, representing from 35 to 600 destinations and hundreds of member companies. The largest of them are the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA), the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), the International Association of Professional Congress Organizers (IAPCO), Meetings Professionals International (MPI), the International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC), the Destination Marketing Association International (DMAI), and the International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) among others. There are at least 5–7 national associations at work in every European country. For example, there are 5 major associations in the UK: the Association of Event Organisers (AEO), the Association of Event Venues (AEV), the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA), the Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO), and the Meeting Industry Association (MIA), and each of them can boast unique expertise in a particular segment of the event industry.

In Russia, the meeting market is actively developing, as evidenced by the recent emergence of new associations and increased activity among those already in existence. How can one work together with other Russian professional associations operating within the same market? What are the similarities and differences shared between them? How can market participants decide which associations are really worth joining? Russian event industry associations have been invited to pitch themselves.

To be confirmed

Sharing their experiences:

  • Alexey Kalachev, Director, Russian Convention Bureau (RCB) (Moscow, Russia)
  • Elena Ublieva, Executive Director, Russian Union of Exhibitions and Fairs (RUEF) (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Yegor Dobrogorsky, Board Member, National Association of Event Organizers (NAOM) (Moscow, Russia)
  • Representative from REMA

Get-together, Severny Modern restaurant, 2nd floor

08.00-09.00 Registration. Welcome coffee
09.00-09.30 Official Forum opening
St. Petersburg Hall, A
St. Petersburg Hall, В

Off-site meeting of the Exhibition, Fair, and Congress Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Exhibition, Fair, and Congress Committee of the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry holds a special off-site meeting at the EFEA every year, which examines issues of state regulation of the industry, significant projects organized and held in Russia and abroad, the past year as a whole, and future plans. All EFEA guests are invited to take part in the work of the committee and discuss important issues with the committee members and experts.

Discussion topics:

  • Preparation of the draft law ‘On Exhibition, Fair, and Congress Activities in the Russian Federation’
  • Organizational and informational support from the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for exhibitions, fairs, and congresses in 2019
  • The work of the committee in 2018 and priorities for 2019


Sergey Bednov, General Director, Expocentre (Moscow, Russia)

Session partner:

Panel discussion

Event Hype. Hot Topics in the Programme – Carefully Considered Strategy or Just a Fad?

In 2015, 5 marketing forums and more than 6 sales forums were held in Moscow, while 2018 saw 4 women’s forums and more than 10 SMM and Internet promotion conferences. Hot topics attract an audience, and so event organizers make the most of an opportunity to put hyped-up topics to work for their events.

Hype is fashionable and surrounds important-to-know topics, speakers, and event formats. Hype can fill a thousand-seat conference hall. If you understand hype, you can easily increase the scale of a congress or conference, which is the dream of every event organizer and additional income for business. Hype event organizers will share their experiences.

Discussion topics:

  • How to be the first to bring a hot topic to an audience. How to make an event interesting without copying competitors
  • How to harness hype. Take a hot topic and successfully develop it. How to stay afloat and not be taken hostage by the subject matter
  • Just as famous actors fill theatres, top speakers fill stadiums. Many become famous thanks to forums and conferences. How can one find and attract an interesting speaker? How can one build cooperation effectively? And how can one understand when a star has lost its attraction? The secrets to working with star speakers
  • How to find an interesting format and make it popular


To be announced

Sharing their experiences:

  • Andrey Panferov, General Producer, Prime Time Forums (Moscow, Russia)
  • Nikolay Volosyankov, Founder, OB1; Founder, CryptoEvent (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Irina Kuderova, Vice President of Marketing, ROST Interregional Public Organization (Moscow, Russia)
  • Alina Barinova, Co-founder, Women’s Leadership Forum (Moscow, Russia)
  • Anton Curzanov, Owner, Taste Lab Group (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Andrey Karpov, General Director, Aktivny Mir (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Mikhail Vorontsov, General Producer, Epic Con, Game Expo (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Representatives of Synergy Business School (Moscow, Russia)
11.30-12.00 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall
St. Petersburg Hall, A
St. Petersburg Hall, В

Panel discussion

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Capital: How Business Processes in the Event Industry are Changing

It is difficult to imagine the future without smart neural networks of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) realities, and deep machine learning technologies, and with each passing year they become more advanced. Automation and the spread of artificial intelligence (AI) can increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the immediate future if managers are able to determine how best to make use of their potential. Technology is everywhere, and human interaction with the digital world is already becoming a continuous process. Efficiency is a key factor for success: the faster a business masters a technology, the more benefits it receives, and the less it lags behind its competitors. The event industry is no exception: session participants will talk about the combination of Event + AI + VR + AR.

Discussion topics:

  • How will artificial intelligence affect business processes in the event industry?
  • Is the use of modern technology complementary or interchangeable?
  • Is AI already being used in the event industry?
  • How do business processes change as a result of the introduction of artificial intelligence?
  • Will the emergence and widespread use of artificial intelligence cause jobs to disappear? Will the use of artificial intelligence lead to new jobs?


Sergey Voronkov, General Director, ExpoForum International (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Valery Talisman, Chief Innovation Officer, Artificial Intelligence Development Agency (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Nick Dugdale-Moore, Business Development Manager, UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (London, England)
  • Andrey Gusakov, Marketing Coordinator, DATAFORUM (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Ekaterina Moskvina, Deputy General Director, Gefest Projection (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Andrey Zhukovsky, General Manager, RussСom IT Systems; Board Director, Event BK Rus EventBank (Moscow, Russia)
  • Oksana Salikhova, CEO, Vein Technologies (Moscow, Russia)
  • Taisia Seledkova, Director of Marketing and Communications, OC Paroc (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Session partner:

Panel discussion

Compliance With ‘Green’ Standards as a Competitive Advantage for a Tourist Destination


Andrey Matsarin, General Director, St. Petersburg Congress and Exhibition Bureau (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sharing their experiences:
Speakers to be confirmed

Session partner:

13.30-15.00 Lunch, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall
St. Petersburg Hall, A
St. Petersburg Hall, В

Panel discussion

Event Human Capital: Building a Community in the Industry Around a Project

Interaction is an important component of human capital, along with material and financial resources among others. An event is a complex system of cultural and social relations that create a certain environment, which in turn creates the prerequisites and conditions for the emergence of groups of people who identify themselves with certain communities. To ensure the continued growth of this potential, organizers must learn to create, maintain, and develop an environment for building professional communities and carrying out productive dialogue with these communities. A professional community often understands the importance of creating an event project.

Exhibitions, conferences, fairs, and festivals can be seen as a multifunctional and high-tech platform for industry development. A strong community built around a project is the key to an event’s success. Session participants will discuss this thought.

Discussion topics:

  • Does an event really need a community?
  • Do proven universal algorithms for the creation, development, and interaction of a community exist?
  • Is it possible to build a unique community in order to support event activities on company, industry, country, and global levels?
  • Is it possible to create industry clubs based on an event?
  • Risks around building a community
  • What community formats exist?
  • How can one build dialogue within a community and keep members (members of the community)?


Nick Dugdale-Moore, Business Development Manager, UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (London, England)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Igor Kirsanov, CEO, RESTEC Exhibition Association (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Alina Barinova, Co-founder, Women’s Leadership Forum (Moscow, Russia)
  • Anton Khramtsov, General Director, St. Petersburg Fair, Fiesta Media (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Igor Scherbakov, Head, St. Petersburg Harley Days Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Alevtina Bolgova, Director, St. Petersburg Harley Days Festival (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Alexander Kruglik, Director General, RLP Yarmarka; President, Roslegprom (Moscow, Russia)

Session partner:

Panel discussion

Glass Ceiling Guru: How to Build a Career and Self-Develop if You’ve Already Achieved it all

The feeling of having reached a glass ceiling is well known to everyone who has achieved some success in their career and profession. You juggle skills and knowledge. Just as Paul Gauguin chooses travel and Tahiti, so do professionals seek further development and the opportunity to make use of their knowledge. What’s next? How can one fulfil one’s full potential and find an outlet for one’s experience? What can one offer the world? Mentoring, downshifting, a change of activities – what should one choose?

In this session, our experts will share their experiences and answer difficult questions.

Discussion topics:

  • How can one fulfil one’s full potential after having reached the glass ceiling?
  • Is it true that when one door closes, another opens?
  • Where can new practical experience be found?
  • How can one meet time expectations?


Anna Nazyrova, EY Corporate Services Manager (Kazan, Russia)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Sergey Alekseev, President of RUEF, Vice-President of ExpoForum International (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Igor Prudnikov, Deputy Head, Analytical Centre of the Moscow Region Government (Moscow, Russia)
  • Andrey Zhukovsky, General manager of RussСom IT Systems, Board Director “Event BK Rus” EventBank (Moscow, Russia)

Партнер сессии:

16.30-17.00 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall
St. Petersburg Hall, A
St. Petersburg Hall, В

Panel discussion

Trends in the Management of Exhibition and Congress Areas

Exhibition and congress infrastructure plays a key role in determining the quality of an exhibition event. The venue site serves as the basis for the infrastructure, meaning that site development and modernization is one of the most important factors for successfully developing the event industry. Improved technology for organizing and conducting events has led to site management’s becoming an independent professional field that requires training and the standardization of business processes related to construction, equipping, and management during the preparation and carrying out of events. Proper organization of site management processes can have a positive impact on the success of the exhibition itself, while poor organization can destroy the success or future growth of the event. Venue management business processes must be brought into line with the needs of the main representatives of the target market, the organizers/operators, as well as potential participants and visitors. By managing business processes, one can make management more performance oriented.

Discussion topics:

  • National and local site features
  • What organizers, participants, and visitors of events require of sites
  • Questions about the implementation of quality standards for services provided by the site
  • Questions of optimizing site management business processes
  • Business processes as a factor in improving the efficiency of site management
  • The impact of venue management (or site management processes) on the quality of events


Jochen Witt, President & CEO, jwc GmbH (Cologne, Germany)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Jochen Witt, President & CEO, jwc GmbH (Cologne, Germany)
  • Sergey Shogurov, General Director, VDNH (Moscow, Russia)
  • Sergey Voronkov, General Director, ExpoForum International (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Elena Roschina, Chief Specialist, Event Management Department, Yeltsin Presidential Library (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Talk show

In the Age of Business Forums: How to Create a Successful Forum for Businessmen

Recent years have seen a marked flourishing of business forums, and they continue to increase, along with the number of delegates attending them, exponentially; the statistics are enough to make any event organizer jealous. What is the secret of the format’s success? What makes each forum unique? How is content generated for this particular audience? How is a pool of speakers selected? What are business forums like in the regions? Organizers of the leading Russian business forums share their secrets.

Discussion topics:

  • Why are business forums so popular?
  • Creating content for the business community. What determines the choice of topics? Hot topics: what will always sell like hot cakes? How is event architecture created?
  • Such different speakers ... Politicians, businessmen, artists, life coaches – to be or not to be? The principle of choice. The secret behind a trend: why do life-coaches attract larger audiences than scientists or mentors? What do businessmen need? Inspire or surprise?
  • What do businessmen expect from business forums? Why is knowledge less valued than a show? Why do business forums fill stadiums?


Vivian Xu, Managing Director, HQ (Brussel, Belgium)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Dmitry Mikhailov, Deputy Director for Organizational Development, Head of the Directorate for International Projects of the Roscongress Foundation (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Andrey Panferov, General Producer, Prime Time Forum (Moscow, Russia)
  • Vladislav Balsky, Deputy Director, Polytechnic Technopark (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Denis Stolbov, General Producer, Digitale 7-10 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Evgeny Romaskevich, President, ROTEX (Moscow, Russia)
  • Representatives of Synergy Business School

Session partner:

10.00-18.30 Business contact exchange, Event EXPO
20.00-23.00 Gala dinner. 2019 EFEA Awards ceremony
09.00-10.00 Registration

Strategy session

Events in the Era of the New Renaissance: Is There a Future for Human Capital?

Will the 21st century see a New Renaissance? Human capital and artificial intelligence: a new formula for the flourishing of the event industry. Noosphere thinking for the creation of a company strategy. Sustainable development for the companies of the future.


Moderator to be confirmed

Sharing their experiences:

  • Valery Talisman, Chief Innovation Officer, Artificial Intelligence Development Agency (Novosibirsk, Russia)
  • Lidia Smolova, Associate Professor, PhD (psychology) St. Petersburg State Institute of Psychology and Social Work (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Alexander Chernov, Business Trainer, Consultant, Business School IMISP (St. Petersburg, Russia)
11.30-12.00 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall

Event LIVE Forum for event industry professionals and their customers


Lunch talk, Severny Modern restaurant (pre-registration)

Women in the Event Industry

According to Superjob, 72% of applicants for event manager positions are women. What qualities help women achieve success in this business? It is well known that while an event is being planned and held, work days for industry specialists go from 8 am to... 8 am. Which gives rise to the questions: how does one find time for family? Career VS family: which one wins? How can one grow professionally without also losing loved ones? Is it possible to combine career and personal life?

Session participants are women from the event industry who have fulfilled their career and professional potential and will share their experiences and reflect on the fate of the fair sex in the modern world.


Valery Romatsky, psychotherapist, candidate of medical sciences, Dr. Romatsky Psychotherapy Studios (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Sharing their experiences:

  • Maria Kuzmitskaia, business consultant (Chisinau, Moldova)
  • Nadezhda Makova, Moscow Advanced Communications School – MACS, Director (Moscow, Russia)
  • Еkaterina Koliada, Member of the Supervisory Board of the Association of communications and corporate media Directors of Russia (Moscow, Russia)
  • Irina Lyubina, St. Petersburg separate division joint committee director (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Event LIVE Forum for event industry professionals and their customers

15.00-15.30 Coffee break, ground floor, PetroCongress Hall

Event LIVE Forum for event industry professionals and their customers

16.30-18.00 Event TALENTS Competition 2018/2019 season
‘Artificial Intelligence in the Meeting Industry: A Parade of Ideas’
11.00-18.00 Business contact exchange, Event EXPO
Participants of the Forum speak the same language – we all are partners and colleagues.


Events organisers:
  • Exhibition companies
  • Meetings industry companies: PCOs (professional conference organisers) DMCs (destination management companies)
  • Festivals and large-scale events organisers
  • Event agencies
  • Venues:
  • Congress venues
  • Exhibition venues
  • Hotels
  • Other venues with exhibition and congress facilities
  • Regional Marketing Organizations:
  • Convention bureau
  • City tourist offices
  • региональные комитеты по туризму
  • Regional tourism committees
  • Service companies in the events industry:
  • Stand construction
  • Technical support
  • Media services
  • Temporary staff
  • Security
  • Logistics and brokerage services
  • Design, decoration
  • 70%
    organise exhibitions and congresses
    organise events abroad
    organise events for more than 10 years
    make decisions in the company
    look for contractors
    look for venues


    «The Europe+Asia Event Forum is a meeting place for colleagues, a great platform for exchanging and obtaining new ideas and insights».
    Kai Hattendorf
    CEO, UFI, Global Association of the Exhibition Industry
    «The EFEA is a great opportunity to see how the Russian exhibition industry and meetings industry work.»
    Loredana Sarti
    Secretary General, Italian Exhibition and Trade Fair Association (AEFI)
    «The forum provides a great opportunity for the exchange of opinions – it’s what drives the industry forward.»
    Martin Sirk
    CEO ICCA, International Congress and Convention Association
    «The EFEA is a real business site for meeting industry professionals – it is a must-visit event.»
    Anna Górska
    Head of ICCA Central European Chapter, Development director of Expo XXI Warsaw International Expocentre Poland
    «The Europe + Asia Event Forum annual forum has acquired status of an authoritative event for the events industry specialists. Opening a new business season, EFEA allows you to sum up the work, get up-to-date information about the state of the industry and determine the vector of its development.»
    Sergei Bednov
    RUEF vice-president, CEO of Expocentre JSC
    «In recent years the Forum has become a significant part of the exhibition community, exhibition industry.»
    Sergey Alexeev
    UFI vice-president, RUEF President, ExpoForum, Jsc vice-president


  • access to all forum activities for 1 representative of the company
  • forum off-line and on-line materials
  • participation in the matchmaking center
  • lunches, coffee-breaks within the framework of the forum
  • participation in the Gala Dinner
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  • access to all Forum activities for 1 representative of the company
  • forum off-line and on-line materials
  • participation in the Matchmaking center
  • participation with a speech in any session
  • meeting
  • interpreter during the meetings
  • lunches, coffee-breaks within the framework of the forum
  • participation in thу VIP dinner
  • participation in the Gala Dinner
  • 690€
    «Event EXPO»
  • meeting space 4 sq.m
  • access to all forum activities for 1 representative of the company
  • forum off-line and on-line materials
  • participation in the matchmaking center
  • lunches, coffee-breaks within the framework of the forum
  • participation in the Gala Dinner
  • 625€
    Are you planning in advanced?
    for all participation packages upon registration and payment until 31.09.2018
    Are you going with your colleagues?
    for each package when registration for 3 representatives of the company valid for all packages except Event EXPO
    Participated in EFEA from 2012 to 2018?
    for all participation packages
    cannot be combined with discount for delegations


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  • Event LIVE Forum brings together professionals of the events industry and their customers to communicate in Matchmaking center and solve practical issues in the organization of events.


    16-18 January 2019 / PetroCongress Congress Centre, Lodeynopolskaya st., 5
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